Our Reflections on “Freedom Day” – What’s Yours?

Written by Hannah Thomas, July 26, 2021

Monday 19th July 2021 or ‘Freedom Day’ as it will now be known in the UK, was a monumental moment for us all. Or so it was expected it to be!
Looking forward to returning to the office, getting together with friends and family, enjoying a drink in the pub with colleagues or planning a trip abroad, Freedom Day was the day all of this became possible in our lives once again.
Our reflections on freedom day - what's yours?

What really happened? Not much on the face of it. Although in our case we were in London for a launch event to announce 8 destinations – 4 in the UK and 4 overseas for almost 400 winners which was exciting and great to be back.  We’ve been actively travelling around the UK recently planning some of these events and what we did notice immediately was that on Monday and Tuesday there were more people around – on the tube – in the street – at the station and more of a buzz – so it may take a bit of time. But we are sure on the road back to normality.

We are all still very much aware that Covid-19 is here to stay, so, what happens next? Now that is a tough question which no one can truly answer. With the UK roll out of the vaccination ploughing ahead the future and ‘return to normal’ is looking much more positive than this time last year. Hurrah!

But where does this leave incentive programmes? Whilst travel incentive programmes, to far flung destination such as Las Vegas, New York, Mexico, Dubai, and the likes, seem off the cards for the immediate future We’re starting to see that the pent-up demand for travel is very high (see above) which means availability on flights and at hotels are limited. In our experience future planning is key to secure the best possible programme in terms of costs and availability  Whether you’re looking for a programme in 2021 or even 2022 our recommendation would be to start now (don’t get us started about Christmas! – Prediction EVERYTHING WILL BE SCARCE – so don’t leave it to the last minute) Read more in our whitepaper here.

That being said, travel incentives are not the only way to reward, motivate and engage your teams and clients. Our adaptability over the last 18 months has seen the business expand its expertise into lots of other offerings. Some examples of these can be found on our website:

Engaging Remote Workers 

Fitness Challenges

Hospitality Options 

Virtual Events

Wellbeing Challenges

So what’s your experience of ‘Freedom Day’? What is different in your business’s thinking? How will your business motivate, engage and incentivise going forward? We’re interested to know so get in touch if you would like to discuss future plans.

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