Beyond the River Liffey

Now Dublin has its delights, historic buildings, the Book of Kells, visiting the home of Guinness and Jameson’s Distillery and of course the legendary ‘craic of Temple Bar. There is however much more to Ireland than the country’s capital through which the River Liffey passes on its way to the Irish Sea.

The rising importance of ‘Purposeful Travel’

In March 2020 our world went into a massive holding pattern when the pandemic hit. Everything stopped, and our world changed, forever.

As we start to emerge, many organisations, business leaders, delegates and incentive participants have been taking stock. They are thinking about what is important and what is not and what really needs to change from our ‘before’.

Our Reflections on “Freedom Day” – What’s Yours?

Monday 19th July 2021 or ‘Freedom Day’ as it will now be known in the UK, was a monumental moment for us all. Or so it was expected it to be!
Looking forward to returning to the office, getting together with friends and family, enjoying a drink in the pub with colleagues or planning a trip abroad, Freedom Day was the day all of this became possible in our lives once again.

Motivating Teams with an Olympic Challenge

This time in 3 weeks, the Olympics will commence! What better way to celebrate it than a team Olympic Challenge to get everyone together, boost wellbeing, have a laugh, motivate teams and celebrate the world’s most renowned sporting competition.
That is exactly what Destin8 have been working on this week with one of our clients and what fun it is going to be!